People of 2016.. We’re living through some intense times. Between attacks of terror, conflict, terrifying political leaders and police brutality, the world can seem anything but hopeful. I don’t know about you, but event after event brings me anger, confusion and a continuous state of wondering how we got to this point. In much need of a little light, a little happy, I turned to you, women of the world! Okay, we couldn’t get to you all in one night, but we did speak with many of you.
Though true, it is not an easy world, we’re all about taking it in and telling our own story. Choosing optimism in the face of difficulty, finding hope when it seems impossible, sharing love in spite of hate. Though it can be so hard.

This month, we hit the streets of First Friday in search of answers to one question:

What gave you hope today?


All images by Kaleb Welch