Founder’s Story

FullSizeRenderIn December 2013, I had just finished traveling the gorgeous country of India. Preparing for my long flight back to London, I scoured the airport for something to read. Browsing the women’s magazines, I wanted something informative, but relatable. Something that spoke to me as a woman, tailored to my varied interests and taught me about the world. I looked.. and looked. It became apparent that unless I wanted to read about weddings, weight-loss or fashion, my luck was out. Over at the men’s publications, the variety was blatant:politics, tech, fitness, fashion, health, current events all targeted at male readers. I stood, mouth open as I realised the literal gap in the market. And the newsstand.

Before my trip, I had watched Miss Representation, a film opening my eyes to the damaging effects of mainstream media on the current and upcoming generation of women. I was inspired by their discoveries, as well as the women I’d met in India and Nepal. My plane journey was spent scribbling excitedly, as thoughts of Alturus filled my mind. There are so many intelligent, driven, high achieving women around the globe from whom we rarelyhear. There are so many inspiring stories that aren’t being shared!

Back in the UK, I gathered a wonderful team who instantly understood my vision and ran with it, believing in better media for women. After twelve months of planning, writing and painstaking site development.. Alturus was launched in Dec 2014!

Alturus comes from the Latin word alo meaning to ‘nourish, develop and support’. I’ve truly felt that as I’ve interviewed incredible women, watched our community grow and get inspired together. I’m excited to see what the future brings, and am so grateful you are here!

Editor & Founder

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