You right now, exhausted and a little shaken, are at the start of an incredible journey.
This journey can and will be whatever you make it. Embrace it, start over.

Embrace that which comes your way with open arms.

Challenge your negative thoughts, when your mind says ‘You aren’t good enough’, or you’ve ‘Never done that before’.
Say YES to life. Say yes to things for the sake of saying yes. Say no to things that you’ve never said no to before, say no to pressure, say no to things done out of obligation.
Know that fear is good. Doing something that scares you is good. It keeps you alive, shows you can do hard things, kick ass and be okay. Be better.
Learn to know yourself, listen to yourself and what you need. Be loyal and fiercely protective of yourself. Be your biggest advocate. Use this experience as a lifeline, a chance to live exactly how you choose, the person you want to be. Shed yourself of the grey, start over, and be.

This, dear friend, is the beginning, and it is beautiful.