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Are Boobs News? Why are they in a Newspaper?

Exciting news just in - The Sun newspaper has taken its first baby step towards removing the outdated, sexist, narrow-minded, patriarchy-perpetuating “institution” that is Page 3. In what can only be described as an incredibly minor achievement on a still-long road to victory, as of this week the paper will clad its Page 3 models in bras and bikini tops. [...]

This year, I resolve to be Happy

Ben Goldacre may have proved that Blue Monday is a myth, but now researchers say we need to worry about the entire first week of the year.  They found that Tweets about grotty weather shot up, and everyone felt generally glum.  We took down our Christmas trees, packed up the tinsel, and went back to work. We’re poor as church mice after the excesses of pa[...]

Why we should we stop labelling women as 'Crazy'

Some years ago I was out with a close male friend when he decided that he wanted to have sex with me. We were both very drunk, and I was a virgin. I didn’t like the way things were going, and told him so. He persisted. I made it very clear that I had no intention of sleeping with him. He pleaded, negotiated, trying to bring me to his way of thinking. He took[...]